For over 15 years, the neighborhood of Northside (Cincinnati) has been hosting an annual, community-wide yard sale in conjunction with Corridor127 -- better known as The World's Longest Yard Sale. The event transforms our neighborhood into a shoppers paradise and gives both residents and visitors a chance to weave in & out of Northside in search of some the city's most eclectic finds.
In 2014, the event could no longer be managed by its founders, and when approached, the PAR-Projects team saw this as an opportunity to both save a community-wide event and add a bit more arts & entertainment to what was already in place. On our trial run in 2014, we accepted feedback and learned the ins & outs of how everything worked; and since then, we've been using annual feedback to expand and improve the event. Now we're inviting fine artists, crafters and even more "yard sellers" to join in the fun ...all while helping us create a one-of-a-kind marketplace for our community.
As always, we publish a map of our neighbors participating in the yard sale. But to help grow the event, we also close down Hoffner Street -- heading east at Hamilton Ave -- hunt down food trucks + live entertainment, and invite everyone to build a little community with us! Hopefully we'll see you (again) for an exciting day of shopping and celebration of Northside. Just be sure to mark the date in your calendar ASAP.
We're looking forward to shopping Northside with you on Saturday August 4th, 2018 ...9am - 9pm.
Here's a few details about the NEW 2018 SCHEDULE:
Northside Summer Market starts at 9am, with individual yard sales at houses throughout Northside until (at least) 2pm. Guests will be able to pick up a map of the participating yard sales at the Northside Summer Market’s central location, starting at 9am, along with various Northside businesses, starting at 8:30am. (This aspect is fairly unchanged. It simply gives home-owners a little more flexibility.)
The central location will run 9am – 9pm , along Hoffner Street. This is where guests will find the main event, which staggers community yard sale booths and art fair booths to create a unique, cross-pollination event, between Hamilton Ave. and Cherry St. And if you didn’t know, this event runs in conjunction with “The World’s Longest Yard Sale” and we are a growing “ Major Vendor Stop ” so expect to see some out-of-towners! 

  • Central Location Yard Sales run 9am - 3pm
    (similar to the houses)
  • The Art Fair will run 1pm - 9pm
    (so there's be a great little overlap 1pm - 3pm)

The LIVE Music Beer Garden will be active 1pm - 9pm, but will open at 11am, in case anyone gets thirsty! This is our strategy to help Northside Summer Market become more of a party (and after party) for our vendors, our shoppers, and our neighborhood in general.

This part of the event will take place in PAR-Projects' new courtyard at 1662 Hoffner Street — right alongside the main event. 
See you soon!!