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2017 Registration is NOW OPEN.

It's time to put your house and/or business on the map! Like last year, we're keeping this service free of charge, but we're allowing houses and/or businesses to donate $5 or so, to help keep this event alive.

We're also creating way-finding signs and a few yard signs for early registers, who decide to chip in to make this year another great one! Register below to put your house or business on the map and if you have any questions, please just send an email to

Thanks again for adding to the energy of Northside Summer Market!
  • Date
    Saturday, August 5th
    Time for Houses + Business
    9:00am - 2:00pm
    Click HERE for the full schedule.

    Address of Central Location

    1662 Hoffner Street, Cincinnati, OH 45223

    Neighbors and Businesses who participated last year
    See below...

  • Thank you again for your interest in this event. We look forward to adding you to the map!

    Please notice you now have the option to upload (or email) us an image or two to help represent what you'll be offering. You can even add a pic of your house if you'd like! That said, we need to receive all images before July 27th!

    We also recommend pairing up with another yard-seller or joining us at the central location, if none of your close neighbors are joining in this year. Closer to event-time, we'll update the map above to represent those who have already signed up ...and give the option to make the switch before we print out and start distributing all of the maps. But in the past, clusters of neighbors seem to get the most traffic.
    And if you're a participating business, we suggest creating a simple "event" for Saturday, August 5th that we're able to help co-promote! For example, last year Spun Bicycles had a fun (and successful) Creepy Basement Sale ...which we were happy to help promote!
    In the end, this event is all about building community, meeting neighbors, and inviting the world to join us of for some good times in Northside, Cincinnati USA.
    Thanks again for your participation!

    #ShopNorthside #NorthsideSummerMarket

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  • Unlike previous years, we're doing our best to find event sponsors, so adding your house to the map can be free!! That said, please feel free to donate a few bucks as an appreciation for all of the work this event takes to pull off ...but please don't feel obligated to.
    Also, if you know any local business that may be interested, please direct them to our sponsorship page. Thanks again for helping us continue to grow the Northside Summer Market!
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