Add Your House / Biz to the Map

2017 Registration to add your house and/or business begins the first week of May.
Thanks for stopping by ...and see you soon!

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  • Date
    Saturday, August 6th
    9:00am - 3:00pm
    Address of Central Location
    1662 Hoffner Street, Cincinnati, OH 45223

    Below is an older map. It does not represent the 2016 participants in any way.

  • Thank you again for your interest in this event. We look forward to adding you to the map!

    Please notice you now have the option to upload (or email) us an image or two to help represent what you'll be offering. You can even add a pic of your house if you'd like! That said, we need to recieve all images before July 31st!

    We also recommend you to consider joining us at the central location or pairing up with another yard-seller if none of your close neighbors are joining in this year. Closer to event-time, we'll update the map above to represent those who have already signed up ...and give the option to make the switch before we print out and start distributing all of the maps.  

    Regardless, thanks again for helping us invite Cincinnati to shop Northside!

    #ShopNorthside #NorthsideSummerMarket

Registration for this (2016) event has closed.