Yard Sale Central Registration

  • If you're looking to join us at our central location -- along Hoffner Street -- to unload some of those interesting finds you've accumulated over the years, you're at the right place! If you're looking to sell your paintings, sculptures, hand-made furniture, crafts, and/or apparel, please (instead) visit the Art Market Registration page, which is linked HERE.

    At Yard Sale Central, we ask that you share and sell all of that gently used stuff you have laying around the house! You know — cameras, furniture, kitchen items, stuffed animals — all the fun stuff! With that, we only have a couple of simple rules to consider when setting up your 10' x 10' (or 10' x 20') space in this area:

    1. Please don't sell any loose or unpackaged food.
    2. Please don't sell any "brand new" commercially produced items.

We're creating a fun space where visitors will be able to find all things unexpected, not things they can scoop up for cheap at the local Family Dollar.


Much like the Art Market, the yard sale's central location will be located on Hoffner Street and each 10' x 10' area (up to two per person) is available for $25. Unlike the art market, these spaces are first come, first serve so please don't hesitate as Hoffner Street is only a few blocks long!


2017 Northside Yard Sale Central Registration:
PLEASE NOTE: Early-Bird registration closes July 3rd ...while full registration closes July 28th.

Sorry: Registration is now closed.