Thursday, July 30, 2015

Northside's Market Is Almost Here!

Saturday, August 8th is right around the corner, so we hope you're as excited as we are!
And remember the fun runs from 9am to 3pm!

If you're planning to join us in Northside, you can expect the following:
  • Over 30 Northside Houses Participating (and on the map)!
  • Over 50 artists & yard sale vendors at our central location on Hoffner Street
  • A "restore team" (and film crew) from Krylon, beautifying fun yard sale finds
  • A couple of awesome food trucks!
  • Some great music
  • All the shopping you can handle!

If you're just now hearing about this and/or want to help get the word out, please click HERE to visit our quick promo page, where you can download a poster or two do with what you will with them.

Also, you can click the image below, to join our Facebook event page ...where you can invite your BFFs to join us as well!

Digital and printed maps will be released next week. They'll also be at our central location, which starts at the corner of Hamilton Ave & Hoffner Street in Northside!

Thanks again for everything.
Onward we go!

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