Thursday, July 28, 2016

Businesses Make Us Better // #NorthsideSummerMarket

In alphabetical order:  
To our friends at C.A.I.N., Casablanca Vintage, Restoration GuitarSpun Bicycles, and The Hoop & Needle
"Thank you for participating!"

As we continue to grow Northside Summer Market, it's great that our business community is starting to get involved. So please, as you cruise our neighborhood hunting for deals on August 6th, be sure to stop by our businesses as well. They're having sidewalk blowouts and in-shop deals; there's even a Creepy Basement Bike Sale happening this year!

And though not exactly Northside businesses, we'd like to thank Wave Pool Gallery and The Alzheimer's Association for joining us at our central location as well. We hope building community with us helps you to continue to grow your gallery following and raise extra dollars to support your important cause, respectfully.


Thanks again to everyone helping us grow. Including the neighborhood map and the central location, we have around 90 participants this year — making this our largest market to date!!

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See you soon!!

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