Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Creative Corner at Blue Rock & Apple ...Northside Summer Market's new central location!

We’re excited to scale back …while scaling up!

If you’re part of our online community, you already know that we’re expanding this year’s event by offering a number of micro-grants to artists and community members to help us activate the neighborhood during Northside Summer Market. Welcoming others and showing love for Northside are the most important pieces of this event, so this is our first step in expanding those goals.

Still, if you’ve been to our art fair in past years, you may agree that finding the best access point to the street festival has been our biggest challenge. True, we typically host things on Hoffner Street — which is only one block south of Blue Rock (one of the neighborhood’s primary cross streets). But with Hoffner Park being one block north, our exact location was always somewhat confusing.

With that in mind, we began searching for a new location, since we knew our property would be under construction and that we’d be re-thinking & re-formatting the art fair for the next year two.


We are now proud to announce our new beginning! With the help of Bertke Electric and Humble Monk Brewing Company, we’re hosting The Creative Corner in their shared parking at Blue Rock & Apple Street (catty-corner to Hoffner Park).  It’s a smaller space than the street (obviously), but our hope is that it will allow us to reset and continue growing the central location from a more visible spot. Their you'll be able to find good food, good beer, good music and creative vendors selling their handmade items!

Thanks again to our artists, musicians, DJs, and fellow non-profits!  We’re excited for all of this year's transitions and how we'll be able to build from each new starting point!

See you August 4th!!

Team NSM

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