Monday, July 10, 2017

The Posters Are Out!

Hi Everyone. The posters are out!

Thanks again to all of our hosts and sponsors — Northside Community Fund, Urban Artifact, Northside Community Council, Summerfair Cincinnati, and The City of Cincinnati's Neighborhood Support Program. Northside Summer Market would not be able to happen without your support!

If interested in printing a few posters, to help us get the word out, just follow the links below!

Also, if interested, registration for all components of this event are still open!

Thanks again for helping us grow this community building event!
We'll see you Saturday, August 5th!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wild Culture at Northside Summer Market's Beer Garden!

If you hadn't heard, Urban Artifact has stepped up to become this year's sponsor for the beer garden at Northside Summer Market. What that means is we'll have plenty of wild culture joining our growing list of bands on August 5th!

Get ready to enjoy some refreshing summertime beers like Keypunch — a Key Lime Gose, made here in Northside, by their team of craft brewers!

Visit them at for more information about their Northside brewery!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Northside Summer Market's NEW Schedule

When the responsibility of organizing + sustaining this event was passed to us a few years ago, we set two primary goals 1) Make sure it aligned with our mission to help empower community in the arts, and 2) Do our best to help grow the event to benefit our neighbors, businesses, and lovers of Northside!

With those goals in mind, we added more elaborate house-mapping (and information) in 2014, the Art Fair component in 2015, plus we've continued to collect feedback from our neighbors and participants to help keep the needle moving forward.

Related to the latter, it's been suggested that we tweak the overall timing of the event, so more people can participate AND so it can become more of a summer celebration. Below is the new schedule that will hopefully help more people have a great time, each and every August.


The Northside Summer Market will start at 9am, with individual yard sales at houses throughout Northside until (at least) 2pm. Guests will be able to pick up a map of the participating yard sales at the Northside Summer Market’s central location, 11am – 5pm, along with various Northside businesses, starting at 8:30am. (This aspect is fairly unchanged. It simply gives home-owners a little more flexibility.)

The central location will run 11am – 5pm , along Hoffner Street. This is where guests will find the main event, which staggers community yard sale booths and art fair booths to create a unique, cross-pollination event, between Hamilton Ave. and Cherry St. And if you didn’t know, this event runs in conjunction with “The World’s Longest Yard Sale” and we are a growing “ Major Vendor Stop ” so expect to see some out-of-towners! 

The LIVE Music Beer Garden will be active 2pm - 9pm, but will open at 11am, in case anyone gets thirsty! This is our strategy to help Northside Summer Market become more of a party (and after party) for our vendors, our shoppers, and our neighborhood in general. This part of the event will take place in PAR-Projects' new courtyard at 1662 Hoffner Street — right alongside the main event. 


Our musical line-up and a few other fun details related to individual house promotions will be announced in the next few weeks. But if you have any suggestions, we are all ears, and have at least one last spot to fill, music-wise.

Thanks again,