Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Final Call for 2019 Yard Sale Registrations

Posters are up, postcards are out,  and yard signs are starting to pop-up around the neighborhood.
That can only mean one thing... Northside Summer Market is around the corner!

If you live in Northside, this is the last call for those looking to add their house to the map. And if you live elsewhere, this is your last call to register for a spot at Yard Sale Central in the parking lot of CAIN (4230 Hamilton Ave). All registrations will remain open through August 1st, but the earlier you register, the easier it is on us let's get'er done!

If you'd like to set up shop at the Central Location, go ahead and click HERE.

If you'd like to put your house and/or business on the map, do so HERE.

Thanks again for enjoying the neighborhood with us on Saturday, August 3rd! We wouldn't be the creative community we are without fun events like this!!

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