Monday, May 20, 2019

Registration Opening Soon!

As we finalize a few details for 2019's event, we just wanted to say thanks again for your patience. As you can see in the graphic above, we've nailed down the timing of the event. Also, our friends from CAIN have joined forces with us, to help create a more dynamic and inclusive event.

With all of that said, we expect registration to open the first week of June!

See you soon,
Team PAR-

Monday, March 4, 2019

A cooler Northside Summer Market?

It's March so it's time to start the engines again!
Welcome to Northside Summer Market 2019.

This year will be the coolest to date. Literally. The past few years we've been blasted with mid-day heat waves -- the hard to breathe kind -- so we've decided to quit the heat.

From this point on, information and updates will be released every few weeks. But for now, please start planning for Northside Summer Market: Dawn & Dusk Edition! That's right, we're eliminating all of that middle-of-the-day-outdoor-sauna-madness and opting for just the morning and night.

The cool morning air Yard Sales and Neighborhood Art Installations will pretty much stay the same, but the LIVE performances and the main art event(s) will be starting as things start cooling off ...much later into the afternoon/early evening.

ALSO, our friends over at Humble Monk Brewing Company are officially open, so go ahead and start anticipating the good times ahead.

Cheers for now,
Team PAR-